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“Our customers demand choice, colour and diversity and it was this idea that started our independent shoe shop both on the high street and online”.

Our company started in business during 2010 based upon an opportunity which our founders believed existed to create a series of international websites specialising in shoes and related accessories. To be successful these websites had to build a reputation for integrity and the highest levels of customer service.

Our belief was that providing access to international markets would allow the formation of meaningful partnerships with leading brands within which sales success would allow us to display the full range of styles available from our manufacturing partners. Sourcing in potentially large volumes would also allow us to offer on a permanent basis sensible and sustainable pricing.
Our first such partnership has been with ECCO Shoes and both we and they are delighted that during 2013 we achieved sales well in excess of 1000 pairs of shoes per month. We have established our HQ in Edinburgh, UK where we also have a one over two international fulfilment facilities.

Our customer satisfaction level is 100% and we are committed to maintaining this.

We are also delighted that in 2014 we have entered into our second partnership with Thistle Shoes. This Scottish company offers in our opinion a range of shoes of wonderful quality at very realistic prices. We look forward to the joint development on new markets with our latest partner.

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